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11/19/2015 · RAT is Radio Access Technology. Inter-RAT handover occurs when a 3G user moves away from the coverage area of a 3G tower and enters an area which does not have 3G but has only 2G. The 3G network in this case hands over the user to the 2G network. ...
11/8/2012 · This question is actually well covered in the 3GPP spec 23.401 chapter 5, As in many cases the ...
11/15/2009 · 1. Inter RAT HO is network controlled through source access system. The source access system decides about starting the preparation and provides the necessary information to the target system in the format required by the target system. That is, …
The rules for enabling UMTS-to-GSM handover are based on the parameter Service Handover Indicator and the three types of capability parameters. The rules vary with different types of Inter-RAT handover , that is , the 4 factors will decide if the Inter-RAT handover is allowed. The rules are: ü Coverage-based and QoS-based UMTS-to-GSM handover
Here I write on How Inter-RAT Mobility performs in LTE, means Handover to LTE and Mobility from LTE. Handover to LTE. Procedure for handover of LTE is largely the same as the handover procedure in LTE.
Inter-RAT/Inter-frequency ANR: The eNB serving cell with ANR function can instruct a UE to perform measurements and detect cells on other RATs/frequencies .during connected mode. The eNB may use different policies for instructing the UE to do measurements, and when to report them to the eNB.
A Radio Access Technology or (RAT) is the underlying physical connection method for a radio based communication network. Many modern mobile phones support several RATs in one device such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and GSM, UMTS, LTE or 5G NR.
11/26/2012 · Intra-LTE Handover: In this case source and target cells are part of the same LTE network. Inter-LTE Handover: Handover happens towards other LTE nodes. (Inter-MME and Inter-SGW) Inter-RAT: Handover between different radio technologies. For …
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5/10/2015 · UE may reselect a cell i) that uses the same LTE frequency as its current serving cell that it is camping on (intra-frequency), ii) that does not use the same frequency (inter-frequency), or iii) that uses other Radio Access Technology (RAT 3) (inter-RAT).In the example cases of cell reselection shown in Figure 1, we only discuss intra-frequency cell reselection in a single LTE network ...
(1) インターラットハンドオーバ(inter-RAT handover) まず、RATはradio access technologyの略でインターラットとは「他ネットワーク間」ということになる。例えばLTE→WCDMA、LTE→GSM、LTE→EVDOといった具合だ。
Inter RAT handover is characterised by the following: – The Source RAT configures Target RAT measurement and reporting. – The source RAT decides on the preparation initiation and provides the necessary information to the target RAT in the format required by the target RAT. – Radio resources are prepared in the target RAT before the handover.
Inter-RAT Device Testing For the next several years at least, LTE service will be an overlay service deployed in conjunction with existing legacy wireless service. It is critical that multi-mode devices are tested to ensure seamless mobility between access technologies; failure to do so
12/1/2016 · Inter-RAT and Intra-RAT Measurement Reporting and Handover. During a VoLTE (voice over LTE) call, a UE may continuously perform LTE serving cell measurements. As discussed above, when the signal quality of the LTE serving cell falls below a predetermined threshold, the UE may report an …
3/26/2010 · Inter-RAT measurements of CDMA2000 HRPD or 1xRTT frequencies; ... In LTE E-UTRAN measurements performed by a UE for intra/inter-frequency mobility can be controlled by eNB, using broadcast or dedicated control. In RRC_IDLE state, a UE follows the measurement parameters defined for cell reselection specified by the E-UTRAN broadcast. ...
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